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How Does the Chilling Rise in Terrorism Effect You,
and What Can You Do About It?
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From: Dr. Ed Hindson
RE: How Prophecy and Terrorism Effects You

Dr. Ed Hindson, one of the leading Christian Scholars on Bible Prophecy today, presents Prophecy and the War against Terrorism.

It is a clear, thought-provoking Biblical investigation of terrorism, those who sponsor it, and how they all play a role in the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy -- right before your eyes.

Nothing is more relevant to you, and more likely to have a dramatic impact on your life than the War on Terrorism and the coming Islamic Invasion.

How Can You End the War Against Terrorism?

The war on terrorism is an ongoing conflict for our world. The bad news is it is not going to end - at least not anytime soon. When we understand where terrorism comes from, we begin to understand what it will take to end it.

Terrorism instills fear in societies and victimizes the innocent. Terrorists don't care if they kill women, children, or other innocent people who have no political or military connection to an issue whatsoever. Terrorism says, "I want my way no matter what. And I don't care what it does to anyone else."

Somebody Has to Say - Enough!

America, as a whole,  has said enough is enough. "We are not going to allow you to do that to us. We are drawing a line in the sand and standing up for what's right and true." Now you can personally make your stand.

This Video Answers the Questions on
Prophecy and Terrorism You Were Afraid to Ask!

  • This Video Gives You the Answers that will Change Your Life

    Is the Bible or the Koran the Truth of God?

    Is Jesus or Mohammad the Prophet from God?

    Which of them has the Message of God?

    How can you know for sure?


    How should that effect your life?

  • The Video Gives You the Answer to the Following Questions

    What is the "Good News" of Bible Prophecy?

    What is the "Bad News" of Bible Prophecy?

    What is the "Ugly Face of Terrorism"?

    Does God's Word speak of Terrorism?

    How many wars are coming?

    Who are the players in these coming Middle East conflicts?

    What binds the players together who invade Israel?

    Why do they want to destroy Israel?

    When does this invasion happen?

    What is the "Great Shaking"?

    What is a False Prophet?

    What is Freedom of Religion?

    What are YOU to do about Bible Prophecy?

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